Thursday, 25 November 2021


 The waste of today is the resources of tomorrow!

All the plastics, metals, chemicals.. they can all be harnessed, changed, harnessed for out benefits.

We have already discovered plastic eating fungus that give us beneficial by product.

Friday, 30 April 2021

The best software for writing a script...

 Continuing from the previous post I am struggling to find a balance between practicality and ease of use. Celtx is ok but actually not the most user friendly software. I am unable to easily edit the characters details, it is awkward you can only edit the characters per scene at once. Scenarist is free and seems a more practical and fully fledged script writing software. Yet there is no cloud sync without paying this is where celtx wins. Yet I am unable to log in or even create an account with scenarist, even the instructions on their website point me to the wrong place. I wonder where is the open source (or free) script writing software that allows me to sync to my own cloud service (google drive). As so far they all seem to have huge flaws.  To be honest the answer seems to be to forget about the cloud syncing side and stay with scenarist it is an excellent software in nearly every way. I like to write on my macbook air anyway, although I hate the idea of having it stored only locally incase of malfunction or theft, I also hate having to drop the save file into my drive every time I have made any changes to the script. I will keep seeking a balance or give up and stick with scenarist. Or perhaps pay for the cloud service if I can even work out how to do that.

Ok so I just tried another highly regarded alternative script binder which was recommended by their list here:

I only just realised it is their own list on their page recommending their own software to me haha. No wonder. Anyway after logging in you are met with a mess of boxes, labels and options. It is garishly coloured and hard to look at, then you are only allowed one project with the fully fledged suite of tools to make a production. So I deleted my previous work as I will never be looking at it again, and made a new project, I was then told I can start a new script or import, import wow cool! I don't have to start all over again. But no, once you press this button it offers no such option to import, so why did it say that? Instead I am starting something all over brand new, frustrating. I do not want to trawl through pages of help to find out how, I saw briefly and it looks complicated. I mean compared to the opener saying click here to create a new project or import. So to save my hair loss I decided against using studio binder, not user friendly and hideous to even look at. I am not sure how one can make such an over sight of having a link to something that is not there... Seemed like a mess. I like scenarists layout, the user friendliness of it and its very minimal in how it looks, it even has a dark mode. So I am willing to navigate the badly explained instructions on how to pay for the cloud service, and I will pay as its only £8 for three months. Really considering its free Kit Scenarist is amazing. It seems to have more features than the other more "professional" options, easy on the eyes, and for £8 for three months its incredibly cheap, and if you do not want the cloud sync its free. I take my hat off to them. 

Funny I didn't even mention I have a full copy of Final Draft which is the industry standard, but like Studio Binder one look at it gave me a headache. It looked like Word times ten in the amount of options on screen at once. Sorry but I just want to write a script, why would I need so many options? It looks like a mess and does not help in my focus, which is to write...

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Writing a script in this modern confusing world, syncing between devices and convenience.

 A pain the the ass, that is one element of this modern hyper data communication based world. What happened to the old days when I could light a candle and dip my quill into my ink pot, focusing on one page without distraction of a million devices and flashing lights at my poor retina. I yearn for that simplicity and in a way there is nothing stopping me. But we have become so reliant on these modern addictions or conveniences as one might put it. But are these things really a convenience or simply a distraction from actually getting the job done?

Writing, a relatively very simple task, take a black sheet of paper and move a writing implement to create words in a given language and construct a story on multiple pages. How can we f**k that up?

Well we have, or at least I have. My mind boggles at the various options and situations that might arise. Do I write it locally on my HD? But then what if I have not got my laptop with me? Do I write it  in a note book? But then I have to sit and input all of that into my pc at some stage, for printing of the final script. 

I tried syncing to my keep (google app) for simplicity. But it does not allow any formatting, and formatting it all into a script format would be a nightmare. Sure I can still write it without formatting but its actually rather distracting. It is nice to write into the final format one will see when shooting, it gives it a sense of finality and helps to structure things correctly. 

I didn't want to have to go back to it but a web based answer is tempting. Celtx allows 3 free projects and of course being web based I can flip flop between devices even my phone with formatting. 

But we are still stuck to the digital, the flickering lights that drain and stimulate parts of our brains that we should not be stimulating. We stare at an ever flicking light for hours and hours. 

I feel as though I might give up on the tech and grab my old note book again, something soothing about the idea of just me and a note book, a pen and some ideas. With real distractions such as lights or weather, sounds and interactions with reality, those true distractions. Not what someone I barely know has posted on facebook or instagram.  Or to have a quick play on a game. 

I think giving up on the complexity of the digital, and focusing on the pureness of my inspiration and writing, is a good step on many levels.  Just have to have the balls to do it!